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Year 9 Rites of Passage Camp with Arne Rubinstein

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Year 9 parents and students braved the bitter cold on Tuesday 4 June to participate in the first day of the Rites of Passage program at the School’s Outdoor Education Centre at Upper Freestone, facilitated by Dr Arne and his assistant Bere. Aimed at helping parents and children negotiate the children’s challenging transition from childhood to adulthood, the day was a great success with parents and students sharing their stories and their visions, and concluded with a moving honouring of the students. Sharman Parson’s beautiful mural of the indigenous ancestor Biami provided the ideal backdrop for this stage. Even though the weather was bitterly cold the atmosphere was very warm, with sharing of stories from parents and students warming hearts and growing and strengthening our community.

After dinner, students and parents went their separate ways, parents going home, and students camping the night at the farm. Next morning students woke with much enthusiasm. They packed up their camping gear and jumped on the bus for the next part of their adventure, Camp Kokoda at Maroon Dam. The students all participated in a number of activities some had never done before, challenging themselves, and extending them out of their comfort zone. Every activity involved a long hike to the activity base. Abseiling, The Sugar Glider Swing, The Giant Swing, and canoeing were the amazing activities on offer. There was never a moment where students were not actively engaged in a task. Time was also spent challenging students emotionally and mentally through deep reflection, group discussions and collaborative teamwork challenges. The preparation of meals was a much enjoyed time by all, with the group working together beautifully and preparing amazing meals with the guidance of Samuel Cottee, Camp Instructor, who just happens to be a qualified chef.

The group left Camp Kokoda on Saturday after lunch and were greeted by their parents in the dining room for the final stage of the Rites of Passage process.

This special camp supports many of our school philosophies. The importance and value in enrolling parents as well as the child, the idea of completely working together as a community and facing challenges together. It was a privilege to be part of the process, sharing and feeling the strength that we are as a community.

Honouring of the students


Camp Kokoda

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