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School of Total Education Annual Report 2019

Sunday, July 12, 2020

The School of Total Education has released its 2019 Annual Report. Highlights include a summary of key events in the school's calendar, including NAIDOC Week 2019 and the new Year 9 Rites of Passage program. 

The Annual Report also gives details of the school's Five Key Features, Social Climate, parent communication and involvement, teacher development, distinctive curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and relevant statistics. The school's extra-curricular activities in 2019 included musical, "Mulan", the Outdoor Education program, school camps, Year 9 'Run the School', the Youth Parliament, Peace Day, and visiting performers, such as Klare KuOlga from Papua New Guinea, the Torres Strait Islander music group Wyniss, Stanthorpe band Nine Year Sisters, the Queensland Ballet, and Kops in Kilts. 

You can view and download the 2019 Annual Report here, or from the school's website.

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