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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Shell Questacon Science Circus visited the school to present two lively and energetic science shows using everyday materials and props, one for the primary school and a second for the Years 7 to 10 students.
The primary show covered a wide range of topics from bubbles and balance to collisions and chemistry. Several students volunteered to help the presenters demonstrate the forces of compression and tension, and the physics of bubbles. Children learnt about the importance of a keystone in bridge-building, the strength of domes, and witnessed the difference between cylinders and rectangular prisms when used in construction.
The second session for the secondary students followed the theme of Pressure, with an explanation of the demonstrations given using the Particle Model of Matter.
Gas pressure was used to power a marshmallow and Ping-Pong ball gun, and this stimulated a few students to make plans to build their own version. Liquid nitrogen was used to show how matter can change state and also how matter expands and contracts as its temperature changes.

Fun with Liquid Nitrogen

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