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Past Student Returns to Share Story with Students

Monday, August 03, 2015

Former student of the School of Total Education, Grace Dugan (1985 – 1999), returned to the school for a visit recently, before taking on the challenging role of doctor at a hospital in Papua New Guinea.

Grace’s main focus will be on tuberculosis, a major disease at the hospital on Daru Island  where she will be working.

Grace poses for a photo with some of the students

Grace spent time with each of the Year 6, 7 and 11 classes telling the students about her life at school and after and answering their many questions.

The students were surprised to learn that when at school, Grace was a keen writer who went on to have her first novel, “The Silver Road” published while she was studying for her arts degree at the University of Queensland.

After completing her arts degree and honours year, Grace then had a change of career and commenced her medical studies, and has since worked as a doctor in Brisbane, Wellington and Darwin. 

“The children were shocked to hear about how widespread tuberculosis is through out the world with more than 30 million people having the disease” said principal Shane Power.  “The worst thing is that TB affects children as well as adults and spreads rapidly through third world communities where people are poor and don’t have enough to eat and where accommodation is cramped making the transmission of the disease very easy.”

The children loved meeting Grace and found her very inspiring.

Grace doesn’t see herself as courageous.  “It’s just an opportunity to help where there is a real need.  One person with the right skills can have a positive impact” she says.

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