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Grade 2/3 Visit to The Darling Downs Zoo

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Grade 2/3 class went to the Darling Downs Zoo at end-May with Mr Licence and Mrs Leech. The first activity was to meet and handle a small salt water crocodile, the children were able to examine it closely and they had many questions about this reptile.The zoo has many endangered species from all over the world and they conduct feeding and information sessions for the more popular species. The students really enjoyed visiting all the animals, they were especially interested in the lions and tigers, the meercats, the giraffes and all the primates that are kept at the zoo. The time went very quickly, and the children wanted to spend more time at the zoo, but they had to be back at school for a late lunch. The students really enjoyed their visit to the zoo, and they learnt a lot about how each animal has special features that help it survive in the area where they live.  

Feeding the zebras

Visiting the primates

More zebra feeding!

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