Working Together to Find a Solution for a Child

At a teachers seminar in early 2012, SOTE Deputy Principal, Judy Currie, shared her experience on the subject Working Together to Find a Solution for a Child.

There are three equally important partners in Total Education — students, parents and teachers. It is essential that there is open and harmonious communication between the three. The parts that we, as teachers, have responsibility for are our relationship with the students and our relationship with the parents.

If we have a good and positive relationship with parents we can accomplish much more with the children and we may be able to offer support and counsel in the difficult task of parenting as well.

All children will go through difficulties in their lives and these times will be very challenging for their parents and will be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, despair, grief — just about every confronting emotion is experienced by a parent to varying extents when their child is having problems.

If we as teachers are to help the parent (and ourselves) through these challenging periods, it really helps to have a positive and friendly relationship with the parent. If the only time we have dealings with a parent is in these tricky times, we may be confronted with the anger or frustration they are experiencing, as they may feel they are being “got at” by us as well or feel guilty about their child’s issue. If however we already have a positive relationship with the parent, the tricky times will be much more easily travelled through and shared.

It is not just seeing the child through the difficult times where we need the relationship with the parents. Importantly too, the work we are putting in on the character development of their child will only really work if we are working together with the parents. Parents often need a friendly shoulder to lean on as well and you can provide that if the relationship is solid.

About the Author

Judy Currie

Judy Currie has been involved at The School of Total Education since its beginnings in Melbourne. Judy is a dedicated teacher who has taught primary and secondary classes with a focus on Science and Biology. As Deputy Principal, she is responsible for the day to day running of the school, working with students, teachers and parents. Judy has a special interest in teacher training and parent development.

This article was published in SOTE News for Term 1, 2012. (Published on web site: May 2012).