Teaching Opportunities at SOTE

“A vital factor in education is the development of the teacher as a person who can exert an influence upon their students and bring out the best in them, like a gardener brings the blossom out of their plants.”

Vijayadev Yogendra, SOTE Founder

Teaching opportunities arise at SOTE from time to time and we are always looking to build connections with enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, from early childhood to senior secondary level, who are interested in understanding and implementing Total Education as part of a positive community of teachers.

You don’t have to be the ideal teacher but you do need to have an open mind and be willing to learn about Total Education and how it works in practice.

If you are interested in exploring further opportunities for teaching at SOTE, can we suggest the following steps:

1. Learn About the School and Its Philosophy

Explore the School Website

Familiarise yourself with the Total Education Philosophy, developed by the school’s founder, Vijayadev Yogendra. Learn about the Story of SOTE and meet The SOTE Team. And if you prefer to listen rather than read, try the Total Education Conversations Podcast.

Read A Book About Total Education

Vijayadev Yogendra wrote about his educational philosophy and its practical application in two books: “Total Education: The Urgent Need” and “Future Education”. You can find out more about these and other books, including how to order, through the Total Education Bookshop.

2. Build an Involvement with the School

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Arrange a Visit to the School

Call the school office on 07 4661 2666 (or email admin@sote.qld.edu.au) to arrange a visit to the school and have a talk to the Principal and meet some of the teachers.

Apply for a Teacher Training Placement

If you are a teacher in training, consider applying for a teacher training placement at SOTE. Our approach to education is based on learning through practical experience. A teacher training placement is an excellent way to experience first hand how the school works, to participate in the life of the school and to interact with experienced SOTE teachers. Contact the school for information on how to apply for a teacher training placement at SOTE.

Register your Interest in Teaching Opportunities

If you would like to be informed about forthcoming teaching opportunities at SOTE, please complete the following enquiry form:

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The thing about working at SOTE for me has been job satisfaction. At SOTE you have the opportunity to really make a difference to the students and over the years I have watched students transform, largely through being given opportunities to excel in one area or another, with a subsequent growth in self-esteem with all the extra benefits that this brings. This is made possible through the caring philosophy of the school, small classes and great interaction between teachers and parents.

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